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How to Purchase

There are a few different ways to purchase a J. Hoffman Knife. 

Custom Order

Place a custom order for the exact model you want, with the exact steel and handle material. Not sure which steel or handle is best for your use?  Don’t worry, I’ll spend the time to discuss the options so you get the knife you want and need. I only accept a limited number of custom orders, and the order book has filled up fast. It is best to be on my newsletter list if you want this option. Members get first chance at open book spots. If interested, please fill out this form.

Batch Knife

During the course of the year I do batches of knives that will be sold at shows, sold to dealers or are extras from a batch of Custom Orders.  As I finish grinding these blades, I offer them to my customers. The customer gets the choice of handle material, but not the model or blade steel. Again, members of the newsletter get first chance at batch knives, and then they are offered on Facebook and Instagram followers.

Knife Shows

For some people the best option is buying at one of the shows I do. Check my Upcoming Shows page to see where I’ll be. This option does not allow you to choose any options, but does allow you to handle the knife and make sure it’s exactly what you want. Newsletter members get first chance at VIP badges for Blade Show.

Spec Knives

Spec knives are knives that I made on speculation of them selling. They may be knives that didn’t sell at a show, or custom orders that were never followed through on. They are for the last minute Christmas shopper, or hunter that needs a new knife the night before opening day. These can be found in my online store. Browse and compare different models. Please feel free to contact me if you have specific questions.

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