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Kitchen / Culinary


The Clare is the latest paring knife design. Slightly smaller than the Derry, and with a narrower blade that allows quick easy cutting.


The Antrim was created as simple knife with a long slender blade. The knife is excellent in the kitchen and fills a void between a paring knife and utility knife. I also have customers that like the long blade for hunting. OAL 9.25″


The Armagh is a lightweight sheepsfoot style paring knife. Either flat ground or with a 20′ hollow grind, it makes a great little knife for light work in the kitchen. I can also make this model with a little thicker steel for use as an EDC or first knife for a youngster. OAL:7.25″


​The Glasraich is single purpose knife; it excels at chopping vegetables. It makes quick work of onions, carrots and celery.


The Laois is small and very nimble paring knife. The thin, narrow blade is great for small intricate cuts.


The Derry is one of my early models and was my main paring knife model prior to the Armagh. It still makes a great paring knife or an EDC in thicker steel.  OAL:7.25″


The Dublin was inspired by an old butcher knife that came into the shop for sharpening. I loved the simple elegance of that knife. WIth that knife in mind I created the Dublin. It glides through tenderloins and is great at cleaning up chicken or pork. OAL:10.75

Armagh v.2

The Armagh v.2 is the same as the original Armagh, but has a squared tip. It is purely an aesthetic change and does not change it’s great performance. OAL: 7.25″


The Meath is a knife that is outside my comfort zone as far as size. At 14.75″ it’s a beast! It is designed for brisket slicing and BBQ cutting.


The Sligo was formerly known as the slicer. It’s a more modern style slicing knife. It’s great at carving a turkey or slicing slabs off a ham.  OAL: 11.5″


If you are only going to have one knife in the kitchen, it should be the WIcklow.  This knife will do almost every task you throw at it. From slicing an onion to cleaning the silver skin off of tenderloin, the Wicklow can do it.

Sporting / EDC

Derry XM

The Derry XM is an upsized version of the Derry. The handle is the same with a sligtly longer blade. It makes a great hunting knife.


The Donegal is one of my most popular knives. I compare it to a cross between a Nesmuck and a Canadian Belt Knife, both of which are great knives! The Donegal is great for hunting skinning or EDC. OAL:8.25″


The Donegal 85, 75 and 70 are shrunken versions of their namesake. Handles and blades are reduced in size making them very handy and easy to carry. OAL’s: 6.75″, 6.25″ & 5.75″


This is one of my personal favorites. The diminutive Limericks are great worn around your neck or in your front pocket or purse. Just the right size blade for opening boxes or other everyday tasks. It also makes a great first knife for a youngster.


The Longford line of knives are very versatile. The 120 and 100 are great boning or fillet knives. The smaller versions are ideal for the traditional Bird & Trout style work. Whether you are cleaning a racoon with the Longford 85 or skinning a shrew with the Longford 70, these are the tools for the job.  OAL’s: 10.75″, 9″, 6.75″, 6.25″ & 5.75″


The Cavan is about as close as I come to making a Bowie. A small EDC with the classic Bowie style clip-point. OAL: 8.25

Tipperary 85

85% the size of the original Tipperary makes this knife a great choice for EDC.


​The Louth has been my personal carry for a couple of years. It’s lightweight and easy to carry. It will handle most everyday tasks you throw at it. OAL: 7″


The Kildare has a unique Wharnecliffe blade and long sweeping handle that makes it comfortable in just about every grip. OAL 8.75″

Muc 85

The Muc is a larger, general purpose knife. The Muc 85 is smaller and easier to carry.


The Carlow was designed as a fillet knife, but is also popular with some as a narrow hunting knife. Available in short. mid and long versions.  OALs: 8.5″, 9.5″ & 12″


The Roscommon is a stubby Sheepsfoot with a full size handle. Makes a great utility knife.

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